Janae Johnson – Stevie Wonder-loving, Jamba Juice-sipping, slampoet, educator, and activist in the Boston area. With a jock’s mentality and a poet’s heart, Janae brings all sports and no games to poetry slam. Inspired by uncomfortable silences and midnight bus rides, Janae uses her poetry to shed light on issues of racial inequality, homophobia, and the nuances of love. Truly believing that language is power, she wishes to inspire others to find and embrace the strength in their voices. Janae ranked 5th at the Women of the World PoetrySlam (2014), was the grand slam champion of the 2014 Boston Poetry Slam Team and the 2013 Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team. She is the founder/coach/advisor for the nationally ranked Simmons College (Speaks) Poetry Slam team. Currently, she serves as co-slam master for the House Slam, Boston’s newest PSI certified poetry slam venue.

Kwaku Amponsah is a three time member of the University Park Campus School Youth Poetry Slam Team, participating in the annual Louder than a Bomb Massachusetts Youth Poetry Slam Festival. In 2013, his team won the “Spirit of the Slam” Award from LTAB Mass. He’s participated in the (re)Vision Youth Spoken Word Poetry Summer Camp, co-hosted the Straight Up Cafe Youth Open Mic Series and currently attends Claremont Academy in Worcester where he is involved in Updward Bound and Student Government.

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