October 4th – Corrina Bain & Star

Corrina Bain is a gender non-conforming writer, performer, and teaching artist. He is a former member and coach of multiple national-level poetry slam teams. His writing has appeared in anthologies and journals such as Muzzle Magazine, PANK, A Face to Meet the Faces, and the Everyman’s Library book Villanelles. Corrina’s work engages the nuances of the body as a source of identity, pleasure, betrayal, and shame. While deeply rooted in the personal and specific, his vision extends to encompass history, mythology, and politics. No injustice, hypocrisy, or human weakness escapes this poet’s gaze, especially his own. Searching beyond violence, he suggests there is power in trusting the body’s wisdom, in witnessing suffering, and in speaking what you do not dare to say. Currently, Corrina lives in Brooklyn where he practices roundhouse kicks, twerking, and emergency psychiatric counseling.
Star is 16 years old and is in her last year of school at Worcester Technical H.S. and she and plans on attending college for film. Star always had a passion for writing but never expressed it like she should have. She started with short stories in middle school and started writing spoken word a year ago. Star is heavily influenced by music when she is writing. She has a broad musical taste which inspires each of her pieces. Star writes about things that are dear to her, and uses spoken word to try to inform about injustice she feels and sees within her community.

Don’t forget the slam, y’all! This month we’ll have the second slam of the second season. The top 3 in each slam will advance to the winter semi and then we will do it all again and have a spring semi, top 8 will be in our finals and the top 5 will be the team

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