December 20th – The Battle for the Blackstone!


As we all well know, 7 Hills Slam is an event that takes place on the 1st Sunday of every month here in Worcester and the show is ALWAYS lit! However, due to circumstances beyond our control we are FORCED to take over the Saharah on December 20th. It seems, as of late, there has been some debate circulating that might draw into contention the rightful dominion of the Blackstone Canal in concerns to any and all poetry goings on. There are those who feel that Worcester holds deed on any and all business, while simultaneously, there are those who feel that Providence should hold check over said territory.

If you are a someone who even knows someone who knows anything about SLAM then you KNOW there is only ONE WAY to decide who and when gets what – the win-and-you’re-in slam! This is the battle for the Blackstone Canal! Since antiquity, a smoldering ember has burned fueling the conflict. On this day, in this place, everything will be decided once and for all – Providence vs. Worcester in a 4-round, winner take rulership event

When the dust settles, the smoke clears, and the dry erase ink ..dries..THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE. This is a show you are NOT going to want to miss.

As always the Illustrious DJ MUSE will be on the 1’s and 2’s, spinning everything you ever loved, will love, and forgot you loved.  Open mic list goes up at 7 and the show starts at 7:30. NO COVER but we do have a 5$ suggested donation (however, we turn no one away). COME EARLY STAY LATE – food and drink (if of proper age with proper ID) is served. Meet people, catch up with people you have already met and EVERYTHING in between!

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