NorthBeast – ROADTRIP for Februay 20th

northbeast20201620homescreen20menu208-bit_zpsvh5ckxxuLovelies, it’s that time of the year again – NorthBeast Regionals and Win and Yer’ In! The folks up in NH at Slam Free or Die at Milly’s Tavern are being so kind as to host this shebang, so come and drive out with us to play!

The National Poetry Slam occurs each August with teams from all over the United States and Canada. To help qualify the teams for the competition and to help create a greater sense of community, teams are encouraged to take part in events like this one, known as ‘Win & You’re In’ Slams. The results determine the order in which teams will be admitted to the National Poetry Slam.

The teams from the Northeastern U.S. on the National Poetry Slam scene are known by the nickname ‘NorthBeast’ because they are all known for fielding good teams with strong writing and performance. The name was coined by the Providence youth team in 2008 and has since come to stand for the whole New England region.

Saturday night will feature a team poetry slam tournament featuring 8 of the region’s best teams (including Worcester, natch) facing off to help qualify them for the National Poetry Slam in August. Doors at 7pm – $3 cover – an all-ages event, but ID needs to be shown at the door, please. The entire event will take place at Milly’s Tavern – 500 N. Commercial Street – Manchester, NH.

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