May 22nd – UFC Slam!

Due to UnForeseen Circumstances, one of our team qualifiers cannot travel with us to Decatur. What does this mean? Well, it means You, Yes — YOU — should come to Worcester Next Sunday and SLAM. Young? Scrappy? Hungry? Grizzled? Don’t throw away your shot.

We will be hosting a one time only, First Come, 8 slots, 2 rounds, top score joins the 7 Hills Slam Team. These poets are already working hard…polishing poems, booking shows, composing group pieces, planning Wild Karaoke Adventures….and they can’t wait to add your voice to the mix.

Bring it.

Open mic and slam lists go up at 7 and the show starts at 7:30!

NO COVER but we do have a 5$ suggested donation however, we turn away no one!
COME EARLY STAY LATE! Order food! Order drink (if of proper age with proper ID) meet people, catch up with people you have already met and EVERYTHING in between!!! and please DON’T forget to tip your servers! 🙂

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