May 9th – Eirean Bradley and the Curmudgeon Slam!


Eirean Bradley is the best barista in Central Massachusetts. He makes a cappuccino that God itself renamed The Motherfucking Eirean Bradley. He is also an award-winning poet with 2 full length books, numerous cross country tours, and 3 final stage appearances at the national poetry slam, but really dude is The Best Barista. He designed a drink with motherfucking ghost pepper in it. He makes an Irish coffee variation with 10-year scotch. Just sayin’.

This month our theme slam will be the Curmudgeon Slam!
– 2 rounds of poems about ill-tempered, surly people — maybe it’s a self-portriat in words, maybe it’s your neighbor, maybe it’s a love poem for Farmer MacGregor – whatever kind of calling in, calling out, or celebrating of the get-off-my-lawn crowd you’ve got poetically prepared, bring it! You could win the 3rd of the adorable and coveted Raven trophies!

Open mic goes up at 7:30 and the show starts at 8.

$5 suggested donation (however we turn no one away). COME EARLY STAY LATE! Order food! Order drink (if of proper age with proper ID) meet people, catch up with people you have already met and EVERYTHING in between!

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