September 12th – JasmineLynne Packard and the Back to School Slam


New to poetry slam, JasmineLynne is not new to poetry. She has been writing for the past 9 years. She started out writing only for church events which she still does today. She recently decided that if she wanted to do well in the poetry community she would have to slam. Suddenly, and all once she decided to compete in July and as a result will be traveling to iWPS in Spokane,WA in October as the Rep for 7Hills Slam in Worcester,MA. She writes with the mentality that: “I don’t write to win. I write to help people be heard and heal.” That is the biggest part of her mission in slamming. JasmineLynne also serves in her community as a youth leader on local, state, and national levels. She is helping to develop her youth into active, compassionate and successful members of their communities. JasmineLynne is currently working on the creation of her first chapbook which is set for release in December!

This month our theme slam will be the Back to School Slam!
– 2 rounds of poems about going to school, being school, schooling, teaching, and/or classrooms – whatever kind of calling in, calling out, or celebrating of learning you’ve got poetically prepared, bring it! You could win an adorable (and coveted!) Raven trophy!

Open mic goes up at 7:30 and the show starts at 8.

$5 suggested donation (however we turn no one away). COME EARLY STAY LATE! Order food! Order drink (if of proper age with proper ID) meet people, catch up with people you have already met and EVERYTHING in between!

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