May 8th – Covered In Bees!


Honey, it’s definitely spring – which means it’s time for the Covered In Bees ReadingBring out your poems about bees, stings, Pooh Bear and his pot – this open mic is an all-touchy-insects event (no hives required, but allergy poems are good too ~.o) Come wax poetic about your awkward first meetings & coffees, the waggle dance (bonus points for interpretive dance), how you’ve been stung, or even just caught in a sticky situation – let’s get together where the sweet stuff is.

Slam following the open is any topic, just come to kick it in the pants =)

Sign up List goes up at right before the show starts! Open mic starts the show at 8pm.

NO COVER but we do have a 5$ suggested donation however, we turn no one away!

COME EARLY STAY LATE! Order drink (if of proper age with proper ID), meet people, catch up with people you have already met and EVERYTHING in between! (And please DON’T forget to tip your servers! <6)

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