Safe Space Policy

7 Hills Slam is committed to an artistically diverse and welcoming environment for all. We encourage our poetic community to interact respectfully and inclusively through active and open dialogue to support creative and intellectual growth. Everyone is invited to discuss any concerns with the designated Safe Space Coordinator at any time during any event, or to contact the Safe Space Committee by email. We are dedicated to hearing from all members of our community and will try our very best to resolve issues as they arise.

It is the intention of the 7 Hills Slam to create a safe, supportive, and non-threatening environment for Worcester area poets. To further our mission, we have in place a safe space policy:

As a member of the community, you have the right to feel safe at every event we hold. With this policy, we intend to keep all events, and all online communities safe for the entirety of the community. The following will not be permitted or tolerated at any and all 7 Hills Slam events, including on the Facebook and website:

  1. Harassment, particularly on the basis of  sex, gender, race, size, and ability.
  2. Hate speech/vocal intent to cause harm.
  3. Abuse/non-consent of any kind.

If at any point you feel these policies are being violated, please speak to an appointed Safe Space delegate at any event, or reach us by e-mail at . All requests to remain anonymous will be honored.

Please contact us if you feel that any of the policy has been violated (or if something happened at the slam that left you feeling weird, icky, or triggered), as we will investigate any and all reports, and reach a solution as quickly as possible.

Thank you, and happy slamming!

*7 Hills Slam Organizers*

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