Feature Schedule

Second Tuesday of the month, everyone – come on out for an open mic, a feature, and a theme slam! Watch this space for more info.

3/28 (snow date) Queen G

4/11  Krysten Hill

5/19  Eirean Bradley

6/13  Lulu Hawkes & first iWPS Qualifer Slam

7/11  Brave New Voices Team & second iWPS Qualifer Slam

8/8  RebeccaLynn Gualtieri & iWPS Final Slam

9/12  Worcester iWPS Rep JasmineLynne Packard  & the Back to School Slam

10/10  Tony Brown & the Ghost in the (Simple) Machine Slam

11/14  Organizers’ Night

12/12 Oompa Will

2 thoughts on “Feature Schedule

  1. Where does this happen?
    If someome could could contact me id appreciate it.
    I am a 22 year old construction worker here in worcester and im starting to get into the spoken word scene.


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